Fleet of Vehicles

Domestic and international transport
All our cars meet the EURO 6 standard. Part of the fleet is powered by gas engines, which makes them more environmentally friendly. This means that the carbon footprint of your products is much smaller compared to your competitors. It is worth knowing that customers pay more and more attention to this element. We have good news! We support ecological solutions and deliver on time. These are other benefits that will help distinguish our company on the market.


Samochód dostawczy Furgon


1,4t; 11,55m3; 5 pallet

Samochód z naczepą

Standard trailer

93m3; height 2,75m; 33 pallets

Samochód dostawczy z plandeką

Tautliner VAN

1,5t; 23m3; 8 pallet

Samochód z mega naczepą

MEGA trailer

102m3; height 3m; 33 pallets

Samochód typu solo

Single-Unit truck

od 4,5t; 60m3; 22 pallets

Samochód z naczepą podkontenerową

Container semi-trailer

Samochód z naczepą chłodzącą

Refrigerated trailer

Samochód z naczepą otwartą

Open-box trailer

Samochód z naczepą typu double decker

Double Deck trailer

102m3; 66 pallet


We have a fleet of over 190 vehicles of various types and over 250 MEGA trailers:

  • Semi-trailer trucks;
  • Single-Unit trucks with a lift;
  • small trucks with a capacity of up to 3.5 tons;
  • MEGA trailers with the VARIOS system;
  • MEGA trailers with a lift;
  • Refrigerated trailers;
  • Double Deck trailers;
  • Open-box trailers;
  • Container semi-trailers.

We use new technologies to help you implement your plans. One of such tools is the TRANSICS system, which manages the fleet. The benefit for you is better timing of transport and delivery, and greater safety of your goods on the road. You can be sure that the order will reach the recipient intact. At the client's request, we provide the location of vehicles on-line.

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